Netanyahu is a survival problem for Israel and Israel is a survival problem for the world…

Uluslararası Adalet Divanı (ICJ) members.

Israel and Netanyahu are in a difficult situation.

Not only because of last week’s arrest warrant issued by the International Criminal Court (ICC) and yesterday’s notice by the International Court of Justice (ICJ) to halt the attack on Rafah…

And not only because of the student protests that have been going on for weeks at Western universities, especially in the US, and which have risked expulsion…

Nor are the reactions coming from the administrations of the US, Germany and the UK, which have taken it upon themselves to immediately side with Israel when it comes to Israel…

The governments of Spain, Ireland and Norway have expressed their reaction to the massacre in Gaza by officially recognizing the Palestinian state. 

Court rulings… Student protests… The outward reactions of the likes of Joe Biden, Rishi Sunak, Olaf Scholz when they realized that their political support was seriously slipping away from them… The recognition of the ‘Palestinian state’ by several countries… 

These are very important steps, no doubt about it…

Yet, on their own, they are not enough to deter Israel’s blinkered politicians from making Gaza uninhabitable, which they see as the ‘final solution for Palestine’…


This is why they were able to close their eyes and ears to the reactions of the world and kill more than 40,000 Palestinians in Gaza, nearly 8,000 of them women and 15,000 children.

Without blinking an eye…

So what has put Israel and Netanyahu in a difficult position?

The short answer is that what they are doing undermines and removes the justification for the establishment of the State of Israel…

The state of Israel was established in 1948 as a result of Hitler’s extermination policy against the Jewish race in Germany, which became a global issue.

When the Second World War ended with the Allied victory, the news that six million Jews had lost their lives in concentration camps in Germany was heard loud and clear.

Until that day, the world was unaware of the existence of such a genocide. 

From the ‘Holocaust’…


Let us read:

“During the 1930s and 1940s America could have saved thousands and maybe even hundreds of thousands of Jews but did not do so. This is a terrible indictment which carries a heavy burden of responsibility and also raises some difficult questions: If more could have been done, why was it not done? Why were certain rescue options deliberately ignored? And most important, who was most directly responsible for the failure to act? ”

The above sentences are from the first paragraph of Deborah E. Lipstadt’s book ‘Beyond Belief: The American Press and the Coming of the Holocaust, 1933- 1945’

It speaks of the United States, but it also applies to all Western countries.

The world was kept in the dark about what was happening in Germany under Hitler while the war was going on. Even in Jewish-owned newspapers like the New York Times and the Washington Post, readers remained ignorant of the ‘Holocaust’ until the Allied victory. [Laurel Leff’s 444-page book ‘Buried by the Times’ describes this fact at length]. 

In the general atmosphere created after the Second World War about the ‘Holocaust’, in which everyone had a share in that great sin, Israel could be defended on any controversial issue.

It was like this until today.

With his war to destroy Gaza along with its inhabitants, Netanyahu is destroying the aura that gives Israel the upper hand in every contentious issue.

The sense of guilt that Westerners felt about the Holocaust, which they remained ignorant of in those days when it was impossible to learn about it unless the newspapers wrote about it, has also begun to be felt about the massacre in Gaza in today’s world, where we are instantly informed about every development.

University campuses and squares are bustling.

American protesters were able to take their demonstrations to Congress.

The ICJ could not resist joining the ICC’s arrest warrant, which included the word ‘genocide’, with its decision to stop the attack on Gaza…

Israel’s claim that the Holocaust is unique and that it was perpetrated in Germany against their own race is about to be demolished by a ‘second example’ because of Netanyahu’s ambition to destroy Gaza.

What will happen now? Will these new developments stop Netanyahu’s Gaza plan?

Netanyahu and his war partners are now a ‘survival problem’ for Israel.

Either they will stop the war or they themselves will be stopped…